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The easiest Youtube Plugin for Wordpress

Just enter your Keyword/Search Term and instantly add thousands of videos to your website.

Easy Setup

This plugin was designed to save you time and effort. You don't need to include Embed codes, look up video ID numbers, or even write a description for the video - it's all done automatically.

Drive up Traffic and Retention

78% of internet users watch videos online every week!
AND 55% watch videos every DAY (experts believe this will be closer to 80% by 2018)

Online Video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic

65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video

Sites with Videos keep visitors longer (+2 minutes on average)

Our Story

Our Story

We're a small group of friends that believe anything is possible. A few short years ago we realized the power and potential of using online video in our websites and businesses. This plugin is the culmination of all of our lessons, trials, errors, and resounding successes - we hope you enjoy it.

Boost your Sites Performance Instantly

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